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The perennial power of truly great public relations

In an innovative fast-paced industry that continues to evolve in line with ever-changing trends and new challenges, it’s reassuring to know that some things stay the same. Namely, the power of high calibre public relations to build and protect reputations, create the right kind of noise, and put travel brands firmly on the radar of influential media – and the target audiences they want to attract.

At The PC Agency, we’re not only proud to represent some of the very best brands in the travel industry but also of our commitment to raising the bar for public relations services that deliver real and quantifiable business results.

With this in mind, we’re excited to share highlights of our PR achievements for our highly-valued clients this year. Check out The PC Agency Travelogue 2018 – a ‘look book’ featuring a selection of our standout broadcast, print and online coverage for our client brands in the hospitality, aviation and tour operator sectors.

From promoting new launches and securing dynamic brand partnerships that create a big splash to maintaining momentum long after an opening or a campaign’s initial big bang (the ultimate proof of a PR pro’s talent and tenacity), these campaigns showcase precisely why public relations matters.

PR isn’t ‘over’, it just got even smarter (and arguably more necessary)

In recent years, there has been much talk of the digital age relegating PR to second class; the ‘death of the press release’ and the emergence of a reductive form of media relations resigned to simply churning out online content for third-party websites. As all smart brands now know, the latter will work if you’re simply gunning to impress Google, but it certainly won’t deliver the firepower to persuade and inspire savvy media and consumers in an increasingly competitive travel market.

PR sitting in a silo? Hardly. The fact is that public relations, in its broadest sense, has changed with the times, too. PR and social media are now two sides of the same coin and our PR strategies, like those of all leading agencies, have evolved with the digital age to embrace tactical online PR for link building and SEO, with activations across earned, owned and paid media.

However, the key point is that first-class media and trade relations (traditional tactics with a digital twist), along with trusted crisis communications management, remain as vital – and valuable – to the marketers’ arsenal as ever. And when it comes to media relations, since when did a press release alone ever change anyone’s fortunes? While digital fads come and go, public relations – and any successful marketing campaign for that matter – has and always will be about building and nurturing great relationships.

Our news releases and tactical pitches are tailored to meet the needs and passion points of the top-tier media and influencers with whom we have established real and mutually valued relationships.

Storytelling remains our core PR skill; creating compelling content for target audiences. The fact that this is now multichannel – and requires sophisticated evaluation to determine which will prove most successful – simply means that the story really does need to have legs and the ‘big idea’ must be even bigger and better for campaigns to truly fly.

The proof is in the coverage: not only the high-hitting reach that makes a big impression but also ultimately in the sales and accolades it delivers. We think the numbers speak for themselves.