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Sri Lankan hoteliers unite to launch #LoveSriLanka campaign

An inspiring new initiative to support the people of Sri Lanka is set to unite both the global travel industry and consumers alike in the bid to get tourism to this beautiful destination back on track.

Standing strong in the face of adversity, a group of Sri Lankan hoteliers teamed up to form the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance and have now launched the heart-warming #LoveSriLanka campaign.

The campaign hub, lovesrilanka.org, is a highly informative online platform and community created to promote and support Sri Lanka’s return to its peak. It is designed to be the focal point for all tourism-related updates for both travellers and the travel trade. It will provide the latest advice from credible sources on the ground, including security updates – and also act as a digital platform where people can come together to show support for the country.

The campaign to get Sri Lanka back on its feet is focused primarily upon the local population for whom tourism is the largest employer, supporting 1 in 10 families. The steady rise in visitors as the country grew in popularity following the end of the civil war created job and career opportunities for tens of thousands of people nationwide.

Priyanjith Weerasooria, Managing Director, Uga Escapes said: “Our small island has had to overcome natural and man-made disasters over the past 30 years, and we have, as a country, an industry and as a company, overcome them all. We are proud to say that we are resilient, and we are strong. We are confident that, together, the industry will overcome the challenges that are before us now. We must not forget what brought Sri Lankan tourism to where it was, and it is still a one-of-a-kind destination with a passion for hospitality.”

Companies all over the island are, therefore, working together and sharing resources in an effort to revive Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. And for consumers who had this destination high on their bucket lists or were longing to make a return visit, it’s vital to spread the news and reassure them that the necessary security measures and new infrastructure are being put in place.

Sri Lankan President, Maithripala Sirisena, has urged foreign envoys to help his government in removing travel restrictions imposed on tourists following the attacks.  Last week, China relaxed its travel advisory on Sri Lanka and Switzerland has also relaxed travel restrictions, along with Germany and Austria, while the UK Foreign Office and other European nations continue to monitor the situation before updating their advice.

The nation that is celebrated for its natural beauty and wonderful people continues to demonstrate its solidarity and show its determination to move forward.

The PC Agency team is working to share the news and updates with other UK PR professionals, media and consumers. To join forces and share our support for the campaign, follow @srilankatourismalliance on Instagram and Facebook and #LoveSriLanka.