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Luxury Antarctica experience White Desert appoints The PC Agency

We’re proud to announce The PC Agency has been appointed to represent White Desert Antarctica, the pioneers of luxury eco-trips to the interior of the Great White Continent, one of the last great wildernesses on earth.

White Desert was established by record-breaking polar explorer duo Patrick and Robyn Woodhead in 2005 and was born from a desire to allow people other than scientists and polar explorers to see the wonders of the interior of Antarctica, which is visited by fewer than 1,000 tourists per year.

White Desert is the only company to offer a private jet service to Antarctica, flying its own Gulfstream across the Southern Ocean from Cape Town, South Africa to its 3000m-long blue ice runway at Wolf’s Fang. Created from snow that has been compacted under its own weight over thousands of years, the runway is able to accept aircraft of all sizes.

Guests can travel either as individuals or as groups of up to 12 staying at the luxurious Whichaway Oasis eco-camp, with rates starting from US$40,000 per person. The camp’s state-of-the-art ‘Polar Pods’ are located on the ice-free rock of the Schirmacher Oasis and are surrounded by freshwater lakes. Each heated pod sleeps two guests, offering the ultimate comfort in the Antarctic climate, with shower facilities, a library, a sauna, and fine dining with wines from the Cape winelands.

On this once-in-a-lifetime experience, guests can simply relax and recharge as they explore the glaciers and ice tunnels of the Oasis, visit one of Antarctica’s largest Emperor Penguin colonies and travel to the Geographic South Pole.

Carbon-neutral since 2007, White Desert is committed to minimising the footprint of its operations and to preserving and protecting the Antarctic environment. It offsets emissions throughout its supply chain through the funding of certified replanting and renewable projects in the Amazon, Indonesia and India, as well as using renewables in camp, removing single-use plastics from its supply chain, and returning all solid waste from Antarctica for recycling or responsible disposal in South Africa. The company is also working with its partners on reducing the impacts of aviation in Antarctica.

In 2021, The PC Agency will work with White Desert to support its 2021/ 22 season, implementing a global communication strategy that strives for meaningful relationships in the media, with brand partners as well as the trade.

For media enquiries, please contact The PC Agency via WhiteDesert@pc.agency or +44 207 768 0001