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Kyubi Japanese restaurant opens at The Arts Club in London

The Arts Club has opened its new Kyubi Japanese restaurant. Due to popular demand, Kyubi has been dramatically extended, almost doubling in size, and will be open seven days a week for up to 80 guests.

Kyubi is translated as “nine tails” in Japanese and is associated with a mythical fox creature named Kyubi no kitsune. The fox has always held a magical and spiritual significance in the Japanese culture but was, most famously, considered as the messenger of Inari, a Buddhist god of rice. A legend tells that the more tails they had, the wiser and more powerful they were, with nine being the most supreme.

Overseen by Executive Head Chef Soon Li Ong, Kyubi serves the freshest sashimi and sushi prepared in front of guests, as well as sizzling meats and vegetables straight from the Robata grill. Delicacies created especially for the rebirth of Kyubi include Wagyu beef sirloin served with yuzu kosho ponzu; grilled Australian abalones with umeboshi; grilled bass with wakame sauce and Madagascan jumbo prawns with shiokoji nankoubai ume dressing.

Other hot delicacies at Kyubi include roasted Chilean seabass with ginger chilli; grilled salmon teriyaki with tofu plum tartare sauce and grilled ginger spiced duck fillet.

As well as Sashimi, Sushi and Tempura, Kyubi serves up the renowned ‘Kyubites’ (served on homemade potato crisps), including tuna akami with yuzu chilli miso; Scottish salmon with kizami wasabi; Robata seared Wagyu beef; handpicked king crab meat with diced tomato and yellowtail with wasabi tobiko. Desserts include chocolate black sesame seed lava, and wasabi and green tea ice  creams.

Kyubi also has an innovative team of mixologists who specialise in Japanese bartending techniques. There is a remarkable range of sake which Kyubi’s own Sake Sommelier guides guests through.

The Kyubi Japanese restaurant terrace is one of the most popular outdoor eating spots in London, a hidden gem for those who smoke cigars and want to choose from Kyubi’s extensive selection.

Joyce Wang’s renovation of Kyubi at The Arts Club elevates the restaurant through her signature use of narrative, materials and aesthetic flair. Kyubi’s new look fuses mid-century contemporary design with an opulent Meiji period aesthetic, with traditional Japanese arts and crafts merging seamlessly with colonial western influences and mid-century minimalism. The strict attention to detail curates the space and casts a sophisticated ambiance in which two cultures interlace to form a unique and immersive dining space.

Kyubi is open to members of The Arts Club seven days a week and is now situated on the third floor of 40 Dover Street.

Remy Lyse, COO of The Arts Club, said: “Due to popular demand, we have substantially extended Kyubi and can now cater for many more guests who want to taste some of the best Japanese cuisine in London. We have one of the finest Japanese food and drink menus available and look forward to serving many more members and their guests in the future.”

For media enquiries about the Kyubi Japanese restaurant, please contact The PC Agency via +44 020 7768 0001 or theartsclub@pc.agency