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Grenada celebrates 50 Years of Independence with cultural calendar of events

In celebration of the Golden Jubilee of its independence, the magical Caribbean island of Grenada has announced a full calendar of cultural events and festivities showcasing the vibrant spirit of its people and the myriad attractions of the Spice Island to run throughout 2024.

Grenada is marking the official 50th anniversary of independence on 7th February with a day filled with official events to celebrate the diverse values and expressions of Grenadian pride. As Grenada proudly rallies to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of independence, the phrase “One People, One Journey, One Future” captures the essence of a nation that has grown in strength through a half-century of self-determination. This unifying expression emphasises the diversity that characterises the tri-island state and the melting pot of cultures that have helped to shape the country’s collective identity.

Petra Roach, Chief Executive Officer, Grenada Tourism Authority said: “As we celebrate Grenada’s 50th anniversary of independence in 2024, this significant milestone stands as a testament to our nation’s enduring spirit and rich heritage. This year in particular offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with Grenadian culture, with a calendar packed with celebratory events that showcase the spirit of our community. Embracing this Golden Jubilee, we invite visitors to take part in our year-long celebrations that reflect on the nation’s deep history and our collective aspirations for the future.”

Integral to these celebrations is printing a commemorative $50 note, newly minted information plaques and installing a spectacular light tunnel. A strong symbolic representation of this celebratory period, the light tunnel is a beacon for Grenada’s progression and evolution through the years. The information plaques are strategically placed along The Carenage and throughout the tunnel to highlight pivotal moments and figures who have shaped the nation over the past five decades.

A captivating celebration theme song called ‘Grenada 50 – Up From Here’ has been created for this special occasion. The talented writers Akino ‘Tallis’ Romain, Ryan ‘Riggy Atmosphere’ DeRiggs, and Ahkim ‘Sway Jean’ Baptiste, have embodied the spirit of Grenada’s progress and resilience in this colourful song. Their aim in creating this celebratory song was to capture the essence of the nation and symbolise hope for the future.

Named the world’s first Culinary Capital by the World Food Travel Association,  Grenada’s flavours pack a punch and the island’s traditional cuisine plays an essential part in Independence Day celebrations, as the national dish – oil down – graces tables up and down the country. A true melting pot of its cultural history, this hearty stew is made of local vegetables, salted meat and aromatic spices. A culinary delight that is served by Grenadians on special occasions, its spicy aroma fills the air with distinctive hints of nutmeg.

With a 2024 calendar filled with diverse festivities showcasing the tri-island state’s history and heritage, visitors have the opportunity to experience a collection of authentic experiences that celebrate the nation’s rich culture.

Observe Grenada’s strength and unity at The Golden Jubilee Military Parade

The pinnacle of the 50th anniversary celebrations occurs on 7th February with the Golden Jubilee Celebration Military Parade & Cultural Show themed “One People, One Journey, One Future”. This grand military rally promises to be a memorable occasion, offering the special opportunity to witness the nation’s military activities. The day showcases the strength and unity of Grenada, with the parade promising to be a grand spectacle featuring impressive and vibrant displays. For more information, visit: www.grenadaturns50.gd.

Experience a captivating evening in St George at Folk in the Town

A captivating traditional evening awaits attendees on the 8th of February as the capital, St George, undergoes a magical transformation under the stars. With enchanting folk music, dance, poetry and drumming, this event celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Grenada. Visitors are encouraged to dress in folk outfits or national colours, creating a vibrant atmosphere for an enjoyable tropical night.

Embrace Carriacou’s Cultural Explosion at ‘This is Us’

Renowned for its laid-back way of life, Carriacou is just 13 square miles in size. Known as the ‘Isle of Reefs’, this island is characterised by the diverse marine life swimming amongst the coral reef. On the 20th of April, attendees can visit the Botanical Gardens to explore Carriacou’s vibrant culture, including art, books, pastry and jewellery. This event places the spotlight on the rich indigenous culture and heritage of Grenada’s sister isle by highlighting the artistic and culinary talents of the region. Visitors can become fully immersed in the local culture as they experience the strong sense of national identity that exists on the small island.

Visit the launch of The Gallery, Reflexion, Oliver Benoit Studio

Located at the St. Paul’s Community Centre in St George, the retrospective ‘Reflexion’ exhibition will be a notable part of the annual calendar specially created to celebrate the 50th anniversary. This exhibition featuring artworks crafted by Oliver Benoit over the past three decades, is set to mesmerise visitors from 15th February to 30th April 2024.

The St. Paul’s Community Centre will be transformed into a temporary immersive art space to showcase more than 60 artworks. Visitors can take the time to see these captivating displays and gain insights into Benoit’s journey and the evolution of his work. There will also be the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking panel discussions and presentations, as well as the creation of an emerging artist mentorship programme for young locals.

Through inviting the community to actively engage within the arts and creating a sense of appreciation for diverse expressions of Grenadian identity, ‘Reflexion,’ serves as a cultural highlight during the broader celebrations of the 50th anniversary.

Celebrate Grenada’s rich cultural heritage at Spicemas

There is no better way for travellers visiting Grenada to witness the island’s cultural splendour than by experiencing one of its many festivals. The crown jewel of Grenada’s festival calendar is Spicemas, an electrifying celebration that ignites the island with an explosion of vibrant colours, pulsating rhythms, and contagious energy. This renowned annual carnival is taking place from 7th – 14th August and will draw local, and visitors from around the globe.

From the moment the lively Soca and Calypso music fills the air, Spicemas becomes a playground of joy, where the spirit of Grenada truly comes alive. Spectacular parades, with locals adorned with intricately designed costumes and feathered headdresses, wind through the streets, captivating onlookers with their dazzling displays. The air is filled with the aromatic scent of spices, a tribute to Grenada’s rich agricultural heritage. Dancing, singing, and laughter abound as revellers immerse themselves in the rhythmic revelry, creating an atmosphere of pure euphoria. Spicemas is more than a festival; it is an invitation to experience the vibrant soul of Grenada in its most dynamic and uninhibited form.

Those looking to celebrate in the UK can visit London’s Black Culture Market in celebration of the 50th anniversary of independence. On the 2nd – 3rd of February communities across London will be encouraged to come together to celebrate emerging entrepreneurs and black business owners in the heart of London, Waterloo. This vibrant two-day event is committed to supporting emerging entrepreneurs and new black businesses of African and Caribbean descent, providing unique opportunities to showcase and sell their products in the retail industry.

For full details of travel experiences, attractions and where to stay in Grenada, visit www.puregrenada.com.


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