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Remote working in style: The PC Agency team around the globe

By Katie Moine, Chief Operating Officer, The PC Agency.

Introduced last year, The PC Agency’s ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy was designed to give our talented team the freedom to explore the world whilst doing their day job — and we’re proud to report they’ve raised the bar on remote working.

As a leading travel and tourism consultancy, travel is in our DNA — and agility is a key driver in our approach to elevating every aspect of our business. As such, we’re committed to leveraging the myriad opportunities that remote working now affords.

In addition to championing personal development by encouraging our people to get out and explore everything the world has to offer, we’ve also reaped the benefits of them spending quality time with our clients overseas.

Enhanced networking and the ability to establish new relationships with international media has been another major win. And when it comes to living like a local, the chance to check out and experience secret gems off the beaten track in the destinations we represent is golden.

It’s a policy that depends on a huge element of trust. But in empowering our people to travel and manage their client servicing responsibilities across time zones, we’ve been rewarded with nothing but impressive levels of professionalism and consistently excellent work.

Alongside our policy to allow team members to work anywhere from Wednesday – Friday year-round, they can also choose to take an extended break by opting to work internationally for up to four working weeks. Working weeks can also be combined with annual leave, giving employees the time to truly immerse themselves in a destination.

Here are just a few of the remote working locations The PC Agency team has enjoyed this year…

Frankie Matthews, Creative Director, jetted off to New York City for a spontaneous week away, enjoying the summer vibe, nice weather and delicious food.

“Being able to finish up work at the end of the day and go to visit a new neighbourhood, or have a working lunch at restaurants and cafes I’ve had on my “must visit” list for a while – all whilst not having to take annual leave is such a perk. I felt that it didn’t affect my ability to communicate well with the team, so it’s definitely something I’d do again. I also had the opportunity to build relationships with US media, which I’ve personally wanted to do for some time. I can’t wait to do more of this in the future as it’ll be super beneficial for both the agency, and our clients with an international audience.”

Nicole Trakkas, Account Manager from the Luxury Hospitality team set up shop in Dubai to spend quality time with her partner and build her connections with UAE press.

“The best thing about working from anywhere is the change of scenery. Working somewhere out of my usual environment is a breath of fresh air and I tend to find I am extremely productive! It also offers a fantastic opportunity to set up media meetings with Dubai-based journalists and put The PC Agency on their radar (if it isn’t already). This means I can pitch my clients and share their latest news to scope out story opportunities. When I am in Dubai, I also take the opportunity to scope out potential new clients!”

For Elin, Senior Account Executive from our Luxury Hospitality team, the policy offered the chance to spend time catching up with her family (and Alfie the dog) in the French Alps.

“My family lives in Scotland and so time spent together as a family is precious. I joined them for a workation in the French Alps. We reconnected during long walks, on morning runs and even cooling off in the lake after downing tools for the day. It was so lovely to just be in the great outdoors rather than London for a while. My head felt clearer and I felt like my evenings were utilised to the max. I came back feeling refreshed, inspired and ready for the busy few months ahead. I’d highly recommend this to anyone in the agency who has the opportunity to do so – a mental reset for sure!”

CEO Paul Charles spent a week working throughout Greece, mostly in Zakynthos and Athens.

“I personally think the bright, sunny days and healthier Mediterranean food give you a lift while working that is harder to achieve when in a daily routine in London. Being in a different environment refreshes you and gives you extra energy which helps to be more productive. I was not only able to experience new hotels and villas but also take in Greek food in greater volume, which is a must for anyone in life!”

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