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PoB Whitepaper: The biggest UK travel trends in 2024

In an exciting milestone, PoB Hotels has unveiled its inaugural whitepaper, offering a comprehensive overview of the anticipated UK travel trends in 2024.

This groundbreaking whitepaper draws its insights from an extensive survey that reached out to over 3,000 individuals, providing a broad and representative snapshot of UK attitudes toward the domestic hotel market.

Crafted in collaboration with luxury market research analysts, Altiant, this extensive report promises to be an invaluable resource, shedding light on the ever-evolving landscape of the UK travel and luxury market. It delves into the dynamic UK travel trends and unveils guest expectations that will have a substantial impact on the year ahead.

Key findings include the overwhelming prevalence of culinary-led holidays, with a staggering 82% of respondents considering it a primary factor in their travel decisions. The research also reveals a thriving domestic tourism market, as 54% of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are planning to book three or more domestic trips in the upcoming year. Furthermore, there is a noteworthy embrace of the concept of slow travel, with two-thirds of respondents expressing a keen interest in adopting this approach.

The survey also disclosed that the Southwest of England has secured the top spot as the most desirable destination, with 50% of respondents expressing interest in booking a stay in this region. Following closely behind are the Northeast, the Cotswolds, and Scotland, all of which pique the interest of potential travellers.

The insights gathered from the whitepaper will serve as the foundation for PoB Hotels’ strategic campaigns throughout the year 2024, ensuring that the entire collection remains at the forefront of industry developments and guest expectations.

10 Key Findings cover:

1. Palate-led holidays
2. Increased Domestic Getaways & Extended Stays
3. Embracing Slow Travel
4. Wellness & Mental Respite
5. Sustainability Matters
6. Booking Patterns
7. The Era of Personalisation
8. Travel Companions
9. Blending Work, Lifestyle and Travel
10.Desirable Destinations

The full whitepaper report can be downloaded here.