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FlightGlobal appoints The PC Agency to launch Cirium

We are proud to have been appointed to represent and manage the launch of Cirium, a major new brand which powers key flight and travel information for the likes of Google and Amazon. It provides smart travel data and analytics that’s set to transform the traveller experience.

The company has branded its data & analytics solutions as Cirium, whilst retaining FlightGlobal as the brand name for its publishing business.

The PC Agency team is leading an international multi-channel public relations campaign, and social media strategy, focusing on brand building and driving inbound marketing objectives.


Crunching the big data that keeps the travel world in motion

Cirium’s experts analyse millions of data sets each year to help airlines, airports, governments, metasearch, travel management companies and financial institutions to predict future market demand and make informed decisions about their business strategies.

The rebrand could not be more timely: several economic forecasters are suggesting that average GDP growth in 2019 will be between 2-3%. With aviation closely linked to global GDP growth, such businesses need well-informed insights to forecast supply and demand and manage challenges, including aircraft supply, fleet utilisation, fuel prices and increasing number of passengers.

And unlike the ‘jacks of all trades’, Cirium has a long-standing reputation as the travel industry specialists.

Cirium’s data and analytics divisions have been the first to bring innovative solutions to market, such as the first online aircraft fleet and values database, and the largest selling travel app in the iPhone App store. The group grew its portfolio significantly through the acquisition of leading data intelligence companies, including Ascend, Innovata, Diio, and FlightStats.

“Keeping the world moving is our day-to-day mission”, says Christopher Flook, CEO of Cirium. “In 1909 we were the first to record the earliest days of flight and now in 2019, as Cirium, we are uniquely positioned to reshape the wider travel industry with our data intelligence solutions.”


What does Cirium offer?

Cirium’s portfolio comprises:

Cirium Solutions – actionable insights, analytical tools and premium market insights enabling customers across four key areas: elevating air operations; managing financial investments; developing commercial strategy, and improving traveller experience.

Cirium Professional Services – the Ascend consultancy services for aircraft valuations, market commentaries, ratings, forecasts and advisory to banks, aircraft lessors, airlines, non-banking financial institutions and insurance firms; as well as offering custom aviation data services. Ascend by Cirium was awarded “Appraiser of Year” for the seventh time in 2019.

FlightGlobal – respected publications, including flightglobal.com, Flight International and Airline Business and a leading calendar of industry conferences and events.


Key facts

Cirium analyses the huge volume of data generated from the millions of flights that operate every year to help keep the travel industry in motion:

  • 35 million airline flights are tracked and 36 million passenger itineraries processed each year to alert corporate travel companies, travel agencies and airlines, so that travellers stay up-to-date with flight status and airlines minimise disruption.
  • Over US$300billion worth of airline tickets are analysed for market insights.
  • Over 3.3 million flights are tracked per month covering over 97% of scheduled flights worldwide and more than 80% of tracked flights, matched to aircraft registration numbers so engine efficiency can be optimized per hour.
  • US$5.3 trillion worth of aircraft assets are valued by Cirium each year, as part of strategy and pricing partnerships with the world’s top 50 lessors and tier-one investment banks.

The Cirium brand has been created after extensive global research and The PC Agency is rolling out an international B2B PR campaign from today.