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No destination dupe required: what makes Dubai a unique travel experience

In 2024, travellers are veering away from the beaten tracks of popular destinations, opting instead for ‘destination dupes’ that offer more affordable alternatives, promising a comparable experience without the crowds.

Amid this trend, certain destinations stand apart, offering experiences that make them hard to replicate.

Dubai, with its fusion of modernity, cultural richness and endless attractions, is in a league all of its own —simply impossible to match. It’s a city that is constantly evolving for a new generation of visitors.

In a place where anything is possible, here are just a few of the biggest reasons why Dubai doesn’t require a dupe…

Culinary excellence

Dubai’s gastronomy landscape stands as a testament to its status as a modern culinary capital, boasting 13,000 restaurants and cafes offering a range of dining experiences, from haute vegan cuisine to traditional Emirati flavours.

The city has emerged as a magnet for top-tier culinary talent, attracting renowned chefs from around the globe. Notable establishments like Row on 45 by Jason Atherton at Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Atlantis The Royal, exemplify Dubai’s ascent in the realm of fine dining.

Dubai’s culinary acclaim extends internationally, evident in its dominance of MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024 list, where the city secured the top four spots. Esteemed eateries like Orfali Bros Bistro, Trèsind Studio and Ossiano, coupled with recognition from the prestigious MICHELIN Guide, highlight Dubai’s global culinary standing. Homegrown gems like LOWE and Teible, both Michelin green-starred establishments renowned for their commitment to sustainability and farm-to-table dining, further highlight Dubai’s dedication to culinary excellence and innovation, solidifying its reputation as a hospitality powerhouse.

A fusion of urban environment and coastal serenity

Dubai seamlessly blends the energy of a cosmopolitan city with the tranquil beauty of its pristine beaches, all within the confines of a single destination. Offering the best of both worlds, visitors can explore the bustling streets before retreating to luxurious beach clubs for a day of relaxation. These clubs, often nestled within high-end hotels, provide amenities like plush daybeds, refreshing pools and gourmet dining options. Whether it’s lounging at Nikki Beach Dubai or enjoying the scenic views at WHITE Beach in Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai ensures a premium beach experience. Additionally, Dubai features an array of public beaches along the Jumeirah coastline, such as Kite Beach and Sunset Beach, where everyone can enjoy the beauty of Dubai’s shores.

Unique skyline and innovative architecture

Dubai’s skyline is a testament to architectural innovation, boasting iconic structures like Burj Khalifa and Museum of the Future. Yet, amid these modern marvels, the city preserves its rich heritage through traditional architecture, exemplified by the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Best explored on foot, this area offers nostalgic views of a bygone era with traditional wind towers and alleyways, positioned along the historic waterways of Dubai Creek. Visit Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) to appreciate local culture with a shared meal, heritage tours and guided mosque visits.

Something for every type of traveller

Dubai caters to the diverse interests of every visitor, whether that’s families seeking fun activities, couples in search of romance or solo adventurers craving exploration. With attractions such as MOTIONGATE™ Dubai and LEGOLAND® Dubai, along with options for seaside dinners, spa sessions, adrenaline-pumping desert safaris and cultural escapades, the city offers a range of experiences to satisfy every taste and preference. Just a 90-minute drive from downtown Dubai is Hatta – a mountain conservation reserve and an enclave of Dubai nestled amid the Hajar Mountains. Hatta’s natural scenery makes it a great choice for a mini-vacation and is prime territory for photographers, adventure seekers, or those just looking to get away from it all.

Fits all budgets

Regardless of budget, Dubai ensures accessibility to all travellers. Whether visitors are  looking for a luxurious escape in opulent resorts or prefer wallet-friendly options, Dubai offers a diverse range of accommodation choices, from luxury resorts to affordable hotel chains and value-packed independent properties.

Year-round sunshine

Dubai’s enviable climate, characterised by year-round sunshine, makes it an ideal destination for sun-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With consistently warm temperatures and clear skies, visitors can enjoy Dubai’s attractions and activities at any time of the year.

A melting pot of traditions and modernity

Dubai’s cultural landscape is as diverse as its skyline, offering a blend of traditional and contemporary experiences. For retail therapy, visitors can explore bustling souks brimming with local flavours, gold jewellery, handwoven fabrics and traditional perfumes or expansive shopping centres like Dubai Mall, showcasing 1,200 stores, two major department stores and hundreds of food and beverage outlets.


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