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23 smart ways to utilise your 2023 budget

It’s that time of year again…

The good news is you’ve got some budget left to play with for Q4 2023, but you’ve got to spend it fast or lose it forever —and you don’t want to blow it. So, the question is, how can we help you to spend it wisely?!

Every penny counts and it pays to invest the money you’ve got left in a project that will achieve immediate benefits with quantifiable results.

In response to growing demand from our clients requesting advice on the most strategic ways to allocate remaining budget — even if it’s a modest sum — we’ve created a menu of smart options designed to meet your real needs.

The projects below are representative of our core areas of expertise and understanding of the support that leading travel brands need to maximise resources, elevate their proposition and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s investing in content creation or a crisis comms workshop, we will tailor projects to your specific objectives and you can buy them as bundles for an even more cost-effective solution.

23 smart ways to spend it…

1. Website content
High quality content is not only essential for educating and inspiring your customers but also crucial for improving your search rankings. Our SEO copywriters are also travel journalists — we can write a batch of travel articles or blogs, refresh your web pages or create new landing pages.

2. LinkedIn refresh
LinkedIn is the gateway to growing your business connections and a handy tool for recruitment that is often overlooked. Our digital experts can rewrite the copy on your LinkedIn page to make your proposition and services shine, and advise on utilizing the channel for thought leadership.

3. C-suite social
We can help your senior executives achieve an enviable social media presence with a winning strategy that builds their personal brands while also aligning with your company’s goals and objectives. We’ll show you the smart way to post, engage with followers & spark conversations.

4. Social media strategy
We can create a fully comprehensive strategy for your brand with channel strategy, content pillars, engagement tactics, audience insights, ToV guides & performance metrics with easy to follow guidelines for content creation and community management for your team to implement.

5. Website audit
A website audit from a UX, content and SEO perspective ensures your website is providing your customers with a first-class experience and meeting all the key criteria for EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) Google uses to determine top search rankings.

6. Newsletter template design and content plan
We will design a bespoke newsletter template that makes your brand stand out from the masses, and devise a compelling content plan to engage new customers, nurture existing customers, build your database and increase your open rate and clicks.

7. Sales visits
Do you struggle with knowing where the best places are to visit agents? Our trade team will take to the road, securing face-to-face meetings with the UK’s most influential buyers, either accompanying you to meetings or meeting people on your behalf.

8. Trade fam trips
Hosting agents in a destination is the best way to inspire them to sell your product. We have close relationships with the UK’s top tour operators and will secure qualified buyers to visit you. Our end-to-end support includes every stage from recruitment and hosting to final reporting.

9. Trade round tables
If you don’t have the time or budget to attend big trade events, or are simply looking for a more personal approach, we will organise a bespoke “round table” to connect you directly with qualified agents and product managers to promote your product, review last year and look ahead to 2024.

10. Event representation
Do you want your brand visible at trade events but are not available to travel? We will exhibit at events on your behalf, immersing ourselves in your brand and connecting you with the key sellers in your target segments.

11. Training
Our bespoke training sessions educate agents on your products and provide them with the tools they need to convert sales, whether that be through face-to-face sessions, webinars or the creation of an online training portal.

12. Incentives
Incentives provide an excellent way to engage sales agents and convert bookings. We will implement a captivating incentive campaign to boost sales and exposure.

13. WTM
WTM is fast approaching but it’s not too late to get involved! The PC Agency has introduced WTM Launchpad — flexible and cost-effective new packages to help travel and tourism brands shine at WTM. Whether securing meetings with the media, talking to travel trade or both, our trade representation team will help you smash your targets and set yourself up for a record 2024.

14. Campaign management
Do you have a new campaign message you want to promote to consumers and the travel trade? We will ensure your campaign reaches your target audiences, managing results across your chosen channels from print and digital to social media and video content.

15. Trade audit
To ensure that you are maximising on your revenue streams, we will conduct a thorough audit of all the trade partners currently selling your product, whilst suggesting targets for you to reach to grow product portfolios.

16. Group press trips
We will secure press from the UK’s top media titles to visit you in destination, ensuring top level coverage and providing follow up reports.

17. Media round table
Arguably the very best connected luxury travel consultancy in the business, we have strong and long-established relationships with the UK’s top media, enabling us to secure face-to-face meetings with top titles to publicise your news.

18. WTM stand event
We will organise a press event at WTM, recruiting media, creating media dossiers and packs, as well as following up to share press releases.

19. Influencer research
Working with the right influencers can provide an exciting bridge between your brand and consumers, but it can be tricky to know who to approach and how to ensure ROI. Using our extensive network, we will identify the most appropriate influencers for your target audience.

20. Crisis communications and media training
We are industry experts in crisis communications and will provide your teams with invaluable tools to deal with the unexpected. A media training session for senior management will further ensure you are armed with the tools to know when and how to react.

21. Creation of a personal crisis communications manual
Your tailor-made crisis communications manual — with step- by-step protocols — will ensure that your company is prepared for any situation, and empowered to deal with it efficiently and swiftly.

22. Creative session
Are you struggling to find the next big idea to take your brand to the next level? A dedicated session with our Creative Director and brand specialists will give you the tools to launch campaigns that cut through the noise, leverage your USPs and stay ahead of the crowd.

23. Data insights & visualisation
Want to know what consumers really think about your brand? We will commission a bespoke research report for you created by travel experts at our think tank, Thrive. Armed with the data, our designers will then craft appealing visual storytelling content that can be pitched to the media.

We can also create a package of services in response to a specific brief for PR, digital marketing, trade and sales representation, or crisis comms.

For further information, please contact:
Paul Charles / Katie Moine / Sarah Jackson
via hello@pc.agency or +44 207 768 0001