Which other country can offer such cultural diversity just three hours from London?

At home we play ‘the capitals game’ regularly.  Why?  Because I usually know I’m going to win; shameful reason.  But this week I was thrown when in Morocco.  All my life I’ve been convinced that Marrakech was the capital of Morocco but it’s Rabat, who’da thought it?  And that’s not the only thing that surprised me about Morocco.  I was blown away by the fact that a mere three-hour flight from London could take me to such a different world of souks, balmy heat, desert landscapes, extreme mountain peaks, rose petals on beds and warm charismatic people.  The hotels I stayed in were La Sultana Marrakech and La Sultana Oualidia.  Both were charming and oozing Moroccan chic.  La Sultana in the city had an epic open-air restaurant which looked out over the sand-coloured rooftops of Marrakech.  Hearing the call to prayer over a sundowner summed up the brilliance of this particular location. 

La Sultana Oualidia was tantamount to an oasis in the middle of the desert.  Sitting on the north coast of Morocco, the hotel overlooks an estuary beyond which are the vibrant seas of the Atlantic.  The hotel has just 12 suites which are set in a chic fort style building with Hammam on the bottom floor and a treehouse room to boot.  The new pontoon with oyster bar was a veritable honeypot for all guests to have their sundowner and oyster appetiser.  The menu is extensive but we leant towards the fish every time.  Caught that day by the local fishermen, the hotel keeps the catch of the day fresh and cool in their own fish troughs.