The Brexit Effect Vs the PR effect?

The vote to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 not only raised questions regarding the UK’s future position on a global scale but also how would it affect the way that we travel. Would this signify the end of cheap flights? Would travel companies and airlines disappear overnight as people voted for a staycation instead? Would the pound crash against other currencies?

Some fears put forward by the industry ahead of the vote have indeed come to light, the pound has been at an all-time low, not seen since the early 80’s, and some travel companies have warned that holidays will become more expensive due to fuel costs and the exchange rate against the Euro and US dollar. Yet the industry has proved time and time again that it is resilient and can adapt and PR plays a vital role. Within hours of the vote being confirmed travel companies were issuing carefully crafted statements regarding their readiness for such an event and for customers to continue planning their holidays with confidence. In fact in the days following the vote the most commonly used statement was ‘business as usual’. Though international travel companies are still evaluating the true effect of the result the PR side has instilled confidence in both the media and the public that this market is strong, will survive and will adapt.