Our passion and heritage is born out of years of experience in the industry, with most of The PC Agency team working in-house or in-agency on travel and lifestyle accounts.

The PC Agency services include:

  • Pure public relations including launch campaigns 
  • Print and digital 
  • Broadcast advice and roadshows
  • Events planning and implementation
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate campaigns and results announcements
  • Branding leadership 
  • Speechwriting 
  • Lobbying
  • Awards entries
  • Internal communications 


The PC Agency's work also involves advising C-Group level leaders on their business development, launch campaign and branding needs. We work with business leaders on how to adapt to changing trends in their sectors; how to create teams fit for purpose; and help them assess their competitor set and how to leapfrog them. Our strategic work can last several months, helping leaders drive change and innovation, and leave a legacy in the business sector around them.